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How Can I Help? 

Bespoke Support, Training and Workshops

Bereavement Specialist 

Workshops, Training Days and bespoke Education
and Support on Bereavement 
Examples of bespoke bereavement workshops and training
courses I have delivered include: 
  • Workshops and training for specialist staff on counselling in bereavement for a hospice 
  • All staff training days for on speaking to bereaved families for government organisations and voluntary services 
  • Working with bereavement workshops for students in counselling colleges and training organisations  
  • Workshops for women's organisations on supporting women through pregnancy and baby loss for a women's service 
  • Bereavement workshops for volunteers supporting isolated individuals in the community
  • Training for volunteers specifically working with bereaved people in a number of settings

  I worked in a specialist bereavement organisation for many years and have also worked as a counsellor and service manager in two hospices. I hold a PTTLLS certificate in education.  The accumulated knowledge from all this work along with my own personal experience gives me a unique perspective from which to deliver memorable and effective training and support in this sensitive subject. 
I will work with you establish your needs and ensure that I deliver training that is
engaging and informative and meets your aims.


Bespoke Support for Teams or Groups
Sometimes when a member of a group, community or team dies, especially if the circumstances are traumatic of particularly difficult or tragic, the remaining members may struggle to start functioning properly together again.  Bespoke bereavement work with the group and/or specific individuals may help them to understand the grieving process and their own feelings and thoughts about what has happened so they can begin to repair and rebuild. Every group and every loss is different. I will work with you and the people involved to provide support and information tailored to their needs and particular circumstances. 












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